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Obituary for Austin Sullivan Jr.

Austin Sullivan Sr and Annie L. Sanders gave birth to Austin Sullivan Jr, who was
born in Mobile, Alabama on September 13, 1943. Austin Sullivan’s siblings are
John L Sullivan, Annie May Sullivan and Mary L Sullivan.
Austin Sullivan Jr came to Chicago in his early adulthood, having fun and meeting
new people. With his beautiful personality and his charm, he was just enjoying life
and having fun. Austin Sullivan ran across a beautiful young lady by the name of
Bettie Jane Glenn. After dating, Austin Sullivan decided he wanted to marry Bettie
Jane Glenn and she now became Bettie Jane Sullivan in December.
Austin Sullivan Jr found Jehovah God, studied the bible and finally got baptized on
September 28, 1970.
Austin Sullivan Jr had four children; Catherine Glenn (stepdaughter), Alane Sullivan
Worsham (Calvin Worsham), John Austin Sullivan and Jessica Hadley (Antonio Had-
ley). He also had eight grandchildren and his great grandchildren.
Austin Sullivan Jr worked plenty of places before he chose ComED. He worked
there for 40 years and retired. Austin Sullivan Jr was beyond great, he helped a
family from the Philippines to move to the states, he was a dependable, trustworthy
and integrant man. He loved to barbeque and feed the whole neighborhood, my
dad was loved by his family and others.
In September 2021 we found out Austin Sullivan Jr was dying from cancer, our dad
told my sister Alane and I that, “the doctors can do so much”. Our dad was a
strong person, he fought and fought until his last breath. On October 12, 2021 at
1:31pm, cancer took his life; our father was a good man he took care of his family,
he will never be forgotten.
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Visitation: 9:30 a.m. Service: 10;00 a.m.
Smith and Thomas Funeral Home
5708 W. Madison St. Chicago, Illinois 60644
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